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Royal Caribbean Cruises Via Voyager Of The Seas

Silk Road and The Sushi Bar
Source: Flickr

Refresh your mind as you travel back to the last stretch of the previous millennium. What was the world’s largest boat in the year 1999? For sure those who have tried Royal Caribbean cruises via Voyager of the Seas know the answer as they themselves had a first- hand experience. The said ship was not only the recognized for its massive size but was also identified to be the most revolutionary ever constructed in the industry.

Passengers who were able to acquaint themselves with Royal Caribbean cruises via Voyager of the Seas were definitely wowed by the features. The vessel contains a horizontal atrium, ice- skating rink, rock- climbing wall, in- line track and concert arena. Now, where in the globe will you be able to find those amenities when you are floating on the water? Only in this luxury liner where even in the rise of other crafts, its cutting- edge characteristic has been preserved until today.

For those who were able to have a taste once again of Royal Caribbean cruises via Voyager of the Seas after May of 2004, they were definitely able to take notice that the world’s largest boat in 1999 was sparkling as ever like a silver jewelry fresh from the facility. There were alterations made such as Spinners which was once the spot of a rotating arcade. The four- storey tower located on Royal Promenade was transformed into a perfume shop.

Royal Caribbean cruises via Voyager of the Seas will also satisfy your gastronomic appetite. Each deck has a main restaurant which was named after notable opera personalities such as Magic Flute, Carmen and Le Boheme. Each bistro has a theme with plush ornamentations including a grand staircase and crystal chandelier. As for the food, there are low- fat menus such as the grilled salmon in teriyaki sauce which will delight your palate.

If you want to simply chill out, you can hang out in the Schooner Bar, a lounge that has been nautically inspired. There is also the Champagne Bar that can accommodate fifty- eight individuals or transfer to the upper floor where the 335- seater Viking Crown is situated. If you desire for utter tranquility, advance another level where the Skylight Wedding Chapel can be found. There you can perfectly obtain a panoramic vista of the sparkling oceans as you can feel the warm zephyr caressing your skin.

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