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Fiber Optics Lighting

Fiber Optics Lighting

Fiber optics for your lighting needs – now isn’t this a good idea? With fiber optics lighting, one is given a wide range of advantages over standard lighting systems.

Fiber optics lighting first of all does not carry electricity – it carries light, making it a safe way to go for one’s lighting needs. It emits only a little amount of heat making it ideal for use on hazardous areas, and on lighting items that may be heat sensitive.

The aesthetic effect of fiber optics lighting is beauty beyond question. Also, by utilizing a single lamp to illuminate many end points makes fiber optic lighting as convenient as it gets. Maintenance on this type of lighting requires less work and is convenient enough to make quick repairs or adjustments.

One can then be creative in coming up with color schemes to get special lighting effects. Its application has been seen in big restaurants, hotels and museums. For example, a company as Fiberstars – www.fiberstars.com, which develops and manufactures fiber optic lighting products, have claimed to have provided fiber optic lighting to Starbucks, Disney parks, Caesar’s Palace, Hyatt Hotel, Carnival Cruise Lines, the Trump Tower – and many more.

MICA Fiber Optics Lighting
www.micalighting.com – Fullerton, California

Mica Lighting has been in the industry for around 20 years. They offer lighting solutions with the tag line – “solutions that will light up your customers’ eyes”. They originally started out with low voltage decorative lighting products, but have now involved itself with the design and manufacture of fiber optics lighting products.

Fiber optics lighting couldn’t have been as popular today. And with the many advantages it holds over the previous lighting systems, one can only see the future with fiber optic lightings in place. The versatility of use is unparalleled. The light source can be placed in a strategic remote place, and with the other end points installed on ceilings, floors, walls, and even underwater.

Mica fiber optics lighting has their End Lit Fiber product for use on signage, curtains and special effects. They also have the Side Beam Multi-Stranded Fiber Optic Cable that can be used for lighting pools.

Fiber optics lighting products are many to choose from. And some traditional lighting product manufacturers have gradually incorporated such in their product lines. With the availability of fiber optic lighting systems, one can only imagine the vast possibilities of lighting methods and techniques, to light up and decorate a place.

Holiday Deals For Less Than $1000.00

Holiday Deals For Less Than $1000.00

If you are looking for fun and cheap vacations for you and your family then you have definitely come to the right place. This article will give you ten great ideas for fun filled family vacations that will cost not more than $ 1000.00. So start reading ahead to find out about these holiday deals:

1. A camping trip to the State Forest or the National park for a family of four will not only be a fun trip, but will also cost less than $1000.00. All the camping gear, camp ground fess and the traveling fees will also fall in your budget of $1000.00

2. A trip to Disney world is the dream vacation for any child. Nowadays, Disney world has taken many measures to make visits to the park affordable for all families. If you go during the value season then you may get rooms that start at $ 80 dollars a night.

3. If you want to have a completely different experience in your trip then you can bring your family to Cochran that is located in Ontario, Canada. You and your family can stay and enjoy your experience of staying in an actual igloo. You also don’t have to worry about the temperatures since even if the igloo is made of ice and snow the temperature inside the igloo stays quite warm.

4. If you want a fun filled family trip and also want to give your children a history lesson then the city of Boston is the correct destination for you. Boston is one of the oldest cities of America and has a long and rich history of the United States in it. In this trip your biggest expense will be lodging and airfare, but you will not have to spend all that much for your sightseeing as all the cities attractions are at walking distances.

5. In the U.S there are many hot springs; you can easily take your family for a vacation to see one of these springs. One of the most frequently visited hot springs, are those that are present in Arkansas. These hot springs will offer you a day’s soak in the warm, soothing springs and since you have to camp your lodging expenses will also be cut in half.

6. If you are planning to visit Europe then you can easily save money by staying in hostels. Hostels are inexpensive places to stay and by staying in hostels you will also have more money to spend on your sightseeing.

7. If you are looking for a romantic getaway and are not too keen on spending a huge amount of money then cruise travel packages are a perfect choice for you. There are many Cruise lines like Carnival Cruise that offer special deals on cruises. Many Cruise Lines often run deals as low as $500.

8. Did you ever dream of traveling across the US? Well, now you can make your dream come true with the help of the Greyhound Bus Lines. This bus line offers buses to different destinations all over the US. All you have to do is purchase a ticket to your destination and just get up on the bus. If you are good at bargaining then you can easily find a few cheap motels for your lodging on your trip.

9. If you dream of an island getaway but at a price that will not burn a hole in your pocket then the Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa is the perfect island getaway for you. This resort and spa is located in Cancun, Mexico and offer packages that are as low as $ 571 and includes three night stays at Cancun and flights to and from Cancun.

10. One of the cheapest island vacations that you will ever find is the Punta Cana Resort in the Dominican Republic. Here the hotels begin at just over $ 150 and almost everything on the island is inexpensive.

Biggest Cruise Ship For 6400 Friends

Biggest Cruise Ship For 6400 Friends

Miami-based Royal Caribbean International, the world’s second-largest cruise line, announced on February 6, 2006 that it had ordered the largest and most expensive cruise ship in the world, a $1.24 billion vessel which can hold up to 6,400 passengers. It is to be named Project Genesis.

This ship, which is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2009 by shipbuilder Aker Yards of Oslo, will be 220,000 gross register tons. A gross register ton, a standard measure of a ship’s size, is a unit of volume equal to about 100 cubic feet. It is to be built at a Finnish shipyard.

Aker is to be paid 900 million euros ($1 billion) to build the ship, making Project Genesis the most expensive ship ever ordered in the history of commercial shipbuilding. The $1.24 billion figure includes all expenses required for interior finishing of the ship. Royal Caribbean contract with Aker includes an option for a second ship.

Richard Fain, the chairman and chief executive of Royal Caribbean said of Project Genesis, “It is exhilarating to take such a giant step into the future. Project Genesis truly is a remarkable ship. Its bold design, daring innovation and technological advancements will delight our existing customers and help us draw in new ones.”

Aker Yards Finland currently builds Royal Caribbean’s “Freedom” class vessels. However, the Project Genesis ship will be 43 percent larger than the present recordholder, “Freedom of the Seas”, which is currently under construction and scheduled to be finished by April 2006.

The biggest ship currently in operation is the Queen Mary 2, at 151,400 gross register tons. It is owned by the Cunard Line, a unit of the Carnival Corporation, which is the world’s largest cruise ship company. The British-registered liner is 1,132 feet long, more than 236 feet high, and can hold 2,620 passengers. The QM2 is capable of crossing the North Atlantic at a speed of 30 knots. The 14-day 2004 maiden voyage from Southampton, in southern England, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 12, 2004, was completely sold out months before departure.

The QM2 has 17 decks which hold five swimming-pools, sweeping staircases, a grand ballroom, a 360-degree promenade deck and many luxury shops. Cunard Line built the ship in hope of reviving the glamour of ocean liners, whose mystique has largely been dispelled since jet travel made trips across the Atlantic routine.

A one-way passage from Southampton to New York ranges from $1,817 to $28,000 per person, depending on the type of cabin selected, as well as a daily service charge.

The original Queen Mary was launched in 1934 at Southampton by the queen’s grandmother — Queen Mary, wife of King George V. This ship was slightly more than half the size of the new model. In the second World War, both the Queen Mary and its sister ship, Queen Elizabeth, were painted grey and served as troopships, since they were fast enough to outrun German U-boats. Winston Churchill later stated that the military use of these two ships shortened the war by a year.

The ship was retired in 1967 and sold to private investors. It is now docked permanently as a seaside hotel in Long Beach, California.

The QM2 took the title of world’s largest cruise liner from Royal Caribbean’s 1,020 foot-long Liberia-registered “Voyager of the Seas,” launched in 1999.

As a sign of just how much passenger ships have increased in size during this century, the QM2 is three times the size of the Titanic, which at 46,300 tons and 800 feet was called the “largest movable object built by man” when launched in 1911. However, all the giant cruise ships are comparatively tiny compared to the largest of all ships – a 564,700-ton supertanker Seawise Giant built in 1979, and now called Jahre Viking.

A ship still in the planning stage would dwarf all current sea-going vessels : the Freedom Ship. It is essentially a plan for a floating city, a giant barge that would slowly circle the globe every 2-3 years. At 4,320 feet (1,317 meters) long, 725 feet (221 m) wide and 340 feet (103 m) tall, the ship is taller than the length of a football field and wider than two football fields put together.

It would hold 18,000 condominium units for full-time residents ranging from $180,000 to $2.5 million, including a small number of premium suites priced up to $44 million. 3,000 commercial units for vendors would also be offered in a similar price range. For part-time residents, there will be 2,400 time-share units and 10,000 hotel units. It will also hold a casino, a ferryboat transportation system, a medical facility offering both Western and Eastern medicine as well as preventive and anti-aging medicine. A landing strip for small jets will cover the top. An onboard school will give students a chance to take a field trip into a different country each week for academic purposes or to compete with local schools in sporting events. There will also be an International Trade Center to give on-board companies and shops the opportunity to show and sell their products in a different country every week. More than 100 acres of outdoor Park, Recreation, Exercise and Community space have also been planned.

Norman Nixon, who developed the idea for the massive ship, has estimated it will take approximately three years to complete once construction begins. So far, this ambitious project has not been able to attract sufficient investment funds to get off the drawing board.

Cruise Ship Reviews

Cruise Ship Reviews

Belize City Crab
Source: Flickr

Cruise Ship Reviews on the New 2006 Cruise Line Offerings

Are you fond of cruise traveling? If you are an admirer of the elegant and sleek cruise ships, well the year 2006 have its new collection of cruise ships. Most probably, if you go on a cruise travel you will meet up with six new additions of cruise ships to satisfy your cruise trip for the year 2006.

If you think this is a kind cruise ship reviews, then think again! We are only giving you the benefit of advanced knowledge for your plans of cruise travel for the year.
Well, what are you waiting for? Here are the six largest cruise lines with their new cruise ships.

1. The Noordam ship of Holland America cruise
This new ship of Holland America was launched on February 22, 2006. It was also expected to be the last cruise ships of Holland America’s Vista-class series.

However, it is the first to be designed for the said cruise line’s “Signature of Excellence program.

Due to this, this cruise ship review seem it fit to be called a first in the last few years.

The Noordam can accommodate 1,848 passengers. For this new cruise ship, there are design enhancements made for more pleasure and enjoyment of cruise passenger travelers. The design enhancements were focused mainly on the public areas and staterooms, the meeting point of many of the cruise travelers.

* 85 percent of all staterooms have ocean views, 67 percent of all staterooms have verandahs
* The two-tier Vista Dining Room featuring five-course menus, and offering everything from continental cuisine to vegetarian and low-carb options, enhanced by impeccable service and an extensive wine list
* The intimate reservations-only Pinnacle Grill, which offers an elegant, sophisticated dining experience featuring Sterling Silver premium hand-selected cuts of beef, inspired seafood dishes and many select wines rated “Excellent” by Wine Spectator – as well as distinctive Bvlgari china, Riedel stemware, and Frette linens
* The Lido Restaurant, which offers a relaxed ambience for all three meals and features a variety of fresh, cooked-to-order specialties
* The Culinary Arts Center, presented by Food & Wine magazine, the setting for gourmet cooking demonstrations and interactive classes
* Explorations Café, powered by The New York Times, featuring the largest library at sea, as well as comfortable music listening stations and Internet access
* The Greenhouse Spa & Salon – your spa at sea – featuring thermal suites and a magnificent hydrotherapy pool
* The new Pinnacle Bar, where guests can taste a selection of the best wines from around the world
* The Vista Lounge, featuring Las Vegas style productions, talented vocalists, illusionists, comedians, and variety acts
* The Crows Nest, where sweeping views make this observation lounge a top choice for relaxing during the day, and in the evening transforms into a hip, fashionable nightclub featuring top-notch DJs and great bands.
* Expanded Club HAL® featuring programs for kids ages 3 to 12
* The Loft and The Oasis for teens, new areas designed exclusively for ages 13-17 to get away from family, have fun, socialize and hang out with people their own age.

There are also additions, like the very popular Explorations Café’. As cruise passengers are well aware of, it is a coffee bar/Internet café’, game room, and library. The New York Times powers all the Explorations Café.

The Noordam’s maiden season for the year 2006 is sailing wintertime cruises from New York to the Caribbean.

2. Norwegian Cruise Lines’ America’s Pride of Hawaii
This new cruise ship for 2006 by NCL America is the sister vessel of the Norwegian Jewel.

For the cruise line, Pride of Hawaii marks the first new build from the hull up.

Its launching is to be on June. This passenger ship is expected to accommodate 2,224 passengers. It will be the next step in Norwegian Cruise Lines’ America’s “Freestyle Cruising” concept.

The Pride of Hawaii’s interior décor will be, of course, Hawaiian.
This cruise ship will run by departing weekly on Mondays and travel the islands calling Honolulu home.


May 19, 2006 – NCL Corporation (“NCL”) today announced that it has extended its relationship with the Republic of Kiribati enabling it to continue to offer Fanning Island on its long Hawaii cruises through to 2011 and to commit one of its purpose-built new Freestyle Cruising ships to this increasingly popular itinerary. Norwegian Sun, will replace Norwegian Wind sailing 10- and 11-day itineraries from Honolulu with a stop at Fanning Island beginning in September 2007. This newer, larger ship, launched in 2001, will take over and grow NCL’s 10- and 11-day Hawaiian trade when Norwegian Wind is transferred to the Star Cruises fleet in late April 2007. The addition of Norwegian Sun to Hawaii, following the addition of Pride of Hawaii in June, completes the Norwegian Cruise Line brand and NCL America’ brand Hawaiian fleets and will bring the total NCL Hawaiian fleet to over 8,500 lower berths.

3. The Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas
This new 2006 cruise ship will be launched on May.

This 158,000-ton cruise ship has a capacity of 3,600 passengers. It will actually be 10,000 tons larger than the Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. With this, it is expected to become the largest cruise ship for 2006.

The Freedom of the Seas both will have new and enhanced amenities for the passengers’ pleasure. There is already an ongoing hype among the cruise travelers about its surf park feature.

We will also expect whirlpools cantilevered over the side of this remarkable cruise ship. Another new thing, the H2O Zone may also become a palpable hit for the passengers.

* Extensive WiFi capabilities and connectivity for cell phones. Because when you’re on vacation it’s great fun to let the folks at home know what they’re missing.
* Staterooms and balconies that are among the largest in the industry. Plenty of room to relax and plan your adventures.
* A full-size, flat-screen TV in every stateroom. But then again, with all the incredible vacation activities to explore, try not to be too disappointed if you have trouble finding time to turn it on.

Following its launching, the Freedom of the Seas will sail seven-day cruises to the Caribbean from Miami.

4. The Crown Princess of New Princess Cruises
For the satisfaction of 2006 cruise travelers, the Crown Princess is expected to accommodate 3,110 cruise travel passengers.

New Princess Cruises cruise line redesigned the Skywalker’s Disco, which has gained popularity from cruise passengers in their other cruise ships. They also have the Lotus Spa and good news for everybody. It has been expanded in the Crown Princess!

New pastries and snacks will adorn the International Café. Crown Princess will then have the first ever wine and seafood bar of the cruise line.

Other expansions were made to other popular features like the Wheelhouse Bar, Sabatini’s Trattoria, and the Sterling Steakhouse.

Crown Princess will sail roundtrip from the Red Hook terminal in New York. It will make stops at the Eastern Caribbean and the Bermuda and Turks and Caicos.

Maiden voyage begins on June 14, 2006.

5. MSC Musica
MSC will launch their new cruise ship for the year 2006 quite late in the year, on July 01. Musica is an Italian ship that will bring MSC into the ranks of big cruise ships. It is expected to accommodate 2,550 passengers.

One of its outstanding features will be that a full 80% of its 1,275 staterooms will be outside rooms. In addition, 65% of these staterooms will have verandas.

It will also feature a large spa area. The Musica’s cruise travel passengers will also have several dining options. They will also enjoy a three deck high waterfall and many different entertainment venues.

Musica will sail the eastern Mediterranean from Venice.

6. The Costa Cruises’ Costa Concordia
This new 2006 cruise ship is owned by Carnival Corporation, which is based in Italy.

This will be the largest cruise ship to join the Costa Cruises’ fleet. It will also be launched quite late this year, July 14. It is expected to accommodate 3,000 passengers.

For the inspiration of its travel passengers, the Costa Concordia will have European architecture theme for its interior décor. All the room’s names will be European inspired or oriented. They will have the Grand Bar Berlin, Cafeteria Helsinki, and the Milan and Rome dining rooms.

If you are seeking for interesting activity while in the cruise travel, Costa Concordia will have a Formula 1 driving simulator for the particular enthusiasts.

Are you jumping with excitement as to when it will start sailing? This new cruise ship will sail year round in the Western Mediterranean. It will head for Rome’s Civitavecchia port.

Can’t decide? Well, check out our other cruise ship reviews of these new cruise ships to find out where you will spend your 2006 cruise travel.

Don’t Let A Bad Choice Of Stateroom Ruin Your Cruise! The Details You Need To Know…

Don’t Let A Bad Choice Of Stateroom Ruin Your Cruise! The Details You Need To Know…

FIU Business students visit Carnival Victory in Miami
Source: Flickr

Important Cruise Decisions: The Details You Need To Know In Choosing a Stateroom

Not all staterooms are created equally. This is a fact that becomes all too painful if you happen to choose the wrong room for your cruise vacation. I’ve heard horror stories of sleepless nights filled with the endless droning of the ship’s engines, of claustrophobic cabins scarcely the size of a walk-in closet, and of vacationers having to go up two or three decks before they could tell if it was day or night. On the other hand, there are stories of unbelievable luxury, of sitting idly on a private verandah watching the sun set while sipping wine, and of spacious suites decorated to lavish perfection.

Believe it or not, these two scenarios, and everything in between, happen on every cruise ship on each and every voyage. This is why cabin selection is one of the most, if not the very most, important decisions that you can make before taking your cruise. And with more than 20 different types of staterooms available on a single cruise ship, choosing the right room is no easy chore.

Understand you are going to love the cruise ship itself. There will be many spacious areas on the ship and on the deck and there will be so much to do on the ship and on the different shore excursions that you can actually only use your room to sleep! The cruise industry is not expanding and building ships at the great rate they are because people are not enjoying their cruise. On the contrary, people love cruises and there are many reasons why. I just want you to understand what the staterooms are really like so you are not surprised in a negative fashion and so you can make an informed decision to make your cruise the best possible dream vacation it can be for you.

The number one factor that most people consider before choosing a stateroom is price. The price that you pay for booking a stateroom is dependent on many factors including the size of the room, the room’s layout, and the location of the room on the ship. The ship itself can even play a role in how much a stateroom costs. This is because luxury liners are normally crafted with larger rooms and more built-in luxuries. In fact, the smallest stateroom available on a luxury liner might be much larger than a room on a mainstream cruise liner. Rooms on a luxury liner also almost always come with an ocean view or balcony.
Types of Cruise Ships.

While many new cruise liners have inside staterooms of comparable size no matter which type of vessel you choose, the ship type plays an important role if you book passage on an older ship. Keep in mind that a larger ship usually has larger rooms and more amenities, but don’t take this for granted without checking it out first or you could get a surprise. Here is a brief overview of popular cruise lines and the types of ships that they use:

1. Large Ships – Carnival Cruise Lines; Celebrity Cruises; Norwegian Cruise Line; Princess Cruises; and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

2. Mid-size Ships – Crystal Cruises; Holland America Line; and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

3. Small Ships – Hapag-Lloyd Cruise Line and Silversea Cruises.
Types of Staterooms

Once you have chosen the type of ship that you wish to book passage on, you will need to decide what type of room would be best suited to your voyage. This will no doubt be decided by a variety of factors including your budget, the length of your cruise, and your personal preferences.

To help you decide, here is a list of the four major types of staterooms and a description of each:

1. Standard Inside Staterooms (no window or porthole) – These are the least expensive of all staterooms and are, therefore, the smallest. These rooms normally are only about 120 to 180 square feet, but are usually tastefully decorated. Gone are the bunk beds of yesteryear. Today, most inside staterooms are furnished with two twin beds that can be pushed together for a couple. While the sleeping situation has improved, the bathroom in an inside stateroom is still excruciatingly small. There is no tub, only a shower, and a noisy vacuum toilet like that on an airplane. A sink and a few shelves finish off this small, but functional space. The rest of the stateroom is decorated in much the same way as a hotel room with wall to wall carpeting, individually controlled heat and air conditioning, TV, telephone, dresser, and a reading chair.

2. Standard Outside Staterooms (with porthole or window) – These rooms are virtually identical to inside staterooms with one small exception: the window or porthole. Modern ships normally have large picture windows instead of a porthole but some modern ships still offer rooms with portholes on lower decks. These are less expensive than the rooms with windows but don’t offer much of a view. Some portholes are even partially submerged under the waterline or blocked by lifeboats.

3. Staterooms with Balconies or Verandahs – These staterooms are larger than the standard stateroom and come complete with an outside space. Although small, this extra space gives you the opportunity to see the ocean at all times from every angle in your room. And when you bore of sitting inside your cabin, you can open your door to a fresh breeze or step out on the balcony to absorb the view. Many of these staterooms even have a separate sitting area furnished with a convertible sofa which supplies extra sleeping space.

4. Suites – Suites are balconied cabins that feature separate sleeping and sitting areas. These are the largest rooms that you can book on a cruise ship. Many even have large bathrooms which are completed with a tub. While these are the most expensive rooms aboard a cruise ship, the price may well be worth it if you plan on spending numerous days at sea or a good deal of time relaxing in your room.

Another consideration that you need to make before booking a stateroom on a cruise ship is location. The location of your stateroom not only affects price but also affects the entire cruise experience. A stateroom too close to the engines can be noisy, and a stateroom on the lowest levels can make you feel like you are entombed and not part of the festivities on the upper decks. On the other hand, if you plan on spending little time in your room, these sacrifices might be well worth the money that you save. Now you know, so off you go!

Holidays With Children On Cruise Lines

Holidays With Children On Cruise Lines

Carnival Horizon
Source: Flickr

To quench your thirst for relaxation after days of strenuous work and hard labor there could not be any better option than long ocean trips on the Atlantic. That gives you the liberty to idle away enough time simply to relax yourself through your participation in different activities befitting the leisure days while you enjoy the tasty food served. Further, you would count for the thrills of touching at intervals attractive foreign lands.

It would not be proper to shatter the dream above just implanted in your head but the harsh reality remains that disturbances may throw you out of gear, for example while you are readying a book on the poolside some kids experimenting with water bombs may spoil your plan. Or, they may distract you with their Super Soakers 9000 when neatly dressed you are heading for the dining room. Or, it may so happen that you have to narrowly escape a fall on the deck caught in the melee of pre-teens chasing each other. At bitter moments like these you will surely loose the charm of relaxing holiday mood nurtured in your imagination.

A bit rude it may appear but it cannot be denied that relaxing vacation and holidays with children hardly go well together. It does not matter whether kids are accompanying yourself or not, you must have the experience how great annoyance sometimes they may cause. A teenage group moving with you can spoil the luxurious cruise planned for your peace and serenity if they are yet to learn discipline.

To select a cruise line that does not provide the kids with fun activities is not a bad idea altogether. It may sound a bit confusing first since absence of any activities to keep the kids engaged may mean that there would be no attraction to hold them from coming into your path. Most likely however the families will prefer those cruise lines that project themselves as friendly to families and therefore the other lines remain less crowded by young people. There are two main reasons why some cruise lines offer special invitation for families. That by winning over the younger people they want to extend their future prospect is the first reason while the second is that to reach their sales target by raising ticket sales such offers are effective tools. Even if the parents had planned to leave behind their kids at home such offer for special attraction for kids can tempt them to change that decision.

Apart from your non-preference of family cruises you can also leave aside school holidays while you chalk out your journey schedule. Normally parents will not like the idea of their kids missing classes only for a cruise’s sake. Therefore if you don’t want the presence of kids on board with you it would be wise to avoid cruise travel during spring break or Christmas or the summer. Most importantly, think twice before you select Disney, Carnival Cruises, Princes and the like that lures the young at any part of the year by offering special programs for the kids and the teens as well. The Radisson, Celebrity or Crystal lines will be the most wise and botheration-free selection on your part.

Enjoy Fun-Filled Adventure on a Family Vacation Cruise

Enjoy Fun-Filled Adventure on a Family Vacation Cruise

Carnival Spirit, Sydney, September 6th 2014
Source: Flickr

Cruises aren’t only for romance, adults, and college kids. You can take your entire family on a cruise and have just as much fun as you would on any vacation. Many cruise ships today offer family cruise packages with fun stuff for kids and a good, clean atmosphere for the entire family. These usually don’t have the typical “partying” atmosphere as many spring break cruises and cruises for adults only. Let’s see what family vacation cruises have to offer.

Cruisin’ with the Kids

Kids might find a normal cruise boring, but with family cruises, there’s a long list of things to do. A cruise that caters to families and kids will allow you to have a great time without having to constantly come up with ways to entertain the kids. There are swimming pools with special kiddie stuff such as water slides or water games, video arcades, on-board games for kids of all ages such as shipboard Olympics, pizza parties, miniature golf, magic shows, sports, concerts, fun educational projects, and more. Some cruises have family-friendly movies and skating. Many offer on-shore kids’ adventures and tours to enjoy as you reach each destination.

Where to Go

A tough decision to make is where to go on a family vacation cruise. Some places are just not suitable for families. They might have too much of a party type atmosphere catering to couples or single young adults. Some places are just too boring for the family to enjoy. Compare cruise offerings to find a destination that caters to families with attractions such as zoos, children’s museums, amusement parks, water parks, tours of historic sites, or family fun centers. Teens might enjoy more adventurous activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, and hiking. When you exit the boat, you can pick and choose among several attractions to make the whole family happy.

Some great cruise destinations for families include Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida (with Disney Cruises), islands of the Caribbean, Hawaii, California, and Alaska. European cruises are also great for families, allowing you to explore interesting sites in Europe by sea and land.

A Break for Parents

One luxury you’ll enjoy on a family cruise is you can take breaks from the kids occasionally. They can enjoy supervised games and activities while you relax in the Jacuzzi, enjoy a romantic dinner, try out a casino, or just sunbathe by the pool. Many cruises have a trained youth staff for various age groups to direct the children’s activities. A schedule of kid’s activities is provided so parents and kids will know how to plan each day.

Find the Perfect Family Cruise

Family cruises are easy to book using the Internet. Check out some of the main cruise lines to find out what they offer and what destinations are available. Some of the most popular are Disney Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess, Norwegian Cruise Line, Crystal Cruises, and Costa Cruise Lines. You can easily choose a cruise package that will fit your family’s budget. But be sure to book a cruise that offers activities your family will enjoy. It should be a vacation to please everyone.

Some online resources to book a family cruise are Travelocity, Expedia, Travelzoo, and Orbitz. You can usually get discounted tickets by securing an all-inclusive family cruise package. An all-inclusive cruise will include meals, lodging, transportation, and some forms of entertainment. Be sure to find out what’s included and what’s not so you’ll know how to plan financially for the trip.

If your family vacations seem a little drab lately, a family cruise can provide the new, thrilling adventure your family has been longing for!

Wedding Destinations Are Focus Of Cruise

Wedding Destinations Are Focus Of Cruise

St. George's with St. Barnabas' Anglican Church Cemetery
Source: Flickr

The wedding is to be the happiest time of your life and the most important event that you will ever attend. You will find that there is so much to do when planning a weeding. You will invitations, menus, venues, and more. You will want to make sure that you are creating a wonderful and blissful scene. You will find that there is a lot of things that you will need to do, such as, organizing, budgeting, hiring, and arranging. You will find that the wedding planning can be very stressful.

Have you ever thought about an extraordinary idea like a cruise ship? This can be very convenient. You will find that the cruise line will take the time to organize the wedding so that you can have everything done for you. They will take care of the ceremony, reception, and even the honeymoon. They will make sure that your wedding is everything that you would ever want from the beginning to end. You will find that there are lot of crusie lines that have had weddings on board. You will be able to allow them to take care of everything. If you think about it, a wedding planner is going to cost you a couple thousand. And they will take care of everything so that you can have a wonderful and impressive wedding on a ship for way less than what you would pay for a traditional wedding. You will also want to take in consideration that the prices will also include your honeymoon.

You should also not expect that all your guests will get a ticket and sail around the world with you, celebrating your wedding. Most cruise lines will allow you to have your guests on board for the wedding, but then they may leave before the ship sets out for its destination. They will allow the guests to have the ability to enjoy the wedding and the reception and then they will allow them to get off so that your guests don’t have to pay for the cruise or you don’t have to pay for the cruise. There are lot of ships that will stay in port or they will go out in the water during the wedding. Some people will find difficulties because you need to stay in the country’s territory or on international waters so that you don’t run in any legal problems with your marriage.

The cruise lines will do everything in their capabilities to get the wedding going smoothly. Most cruise lines offer wedding packages at very reasonable prices. You will want to do some research on the following lines: Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Disney cruise. With the Princess cruises you will be able to get a package that will allow you to feel like a Princess and your groom a prince before and after the wedding. They will have romance in the air by getting a string of instruments, decorate with flowers, and add candles for added romance. This is a wedding that you’ll never forget and none of your guests will forget.

Honeymooners On A Sailing Vacation

Honeymooners On A Sailing Vacation

Carnival Horizon
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A cruise expedition is the most popular option for honeymoon vacations. It is truly romantic. You get away from the city life back into the lap of nature. Just imagine cruising through the ocean with the stars above and breathing fresh air!

You would find many more couples contemplating a romantic trip. Such couples would add romance to the atmosphere on the ship. Now it is your choice to either befriend them as in ” more the merrier ” or just be with your loved one to work on your relationship and get closer.

Usually, honeymooners decide on a sailing vacation. If you two are a honeymoon couple then do loads of window-shopping before booking a cruise line. Along with attractive rates, most cruise ships also offer amazing privileges. The newly weds are spoilt by them with special fluffy robes, a wedding cake and breakfast in bed. You may even get to reserve your table at the restaurant, which is a rare opportunity. These privileges may not be free. Yet, you could still look around and find some good deals to choose from. It is still possible for you to plan and organize some romantic surprises for your partner. For instance, you could order and arrange some flowers in your cabin room even before boarding the cruise.

Carnival Cruises are popular not only with just the newlyweds but with all those couples who wish to go honeymooning again to rekindle their relationships. To create a mystical atmosphere in your cabin, you could place some flags and balloons. It would truly feel like a journey into the romantic world. These decorations will be charged money but your wedding cake is free when you dine on the ship for the first time.

You could add to the enjoyment and push invisible buttons by purchasing a honeymoon package that may include T-shirts, champagne, cameras and other such items that would not even cross your mind.

Princess Cruises is another popular cruise line. Both the Cabin decorations and your wedding cake are free. However, there are two kinds of honeymoon packages you can choose from:

Honeymoon Experience – This is less expensive and includes

two engraved champagne glasses with champagne in them
two long-stemmed roses for a little less than $150 and
chocolate strawberries

Princess Honeymoon Experience – This is more expensive then the Honeymoon Experience and includes

breakfast in bed
fluffy robes and
appetizers delivered to your room and
all the other items are economically priced

Travel Answers

Travel Answers

Norwegian Sun at Canada Place
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(NC)-Here are the answers to this season’s most frequently asked questions:
Internet Issues
Q: Am I missing something if I don’t use the Internet to research and book my vacation?
– Peter T., Winnipeg
A: Opinions on this vary widely, so let’s start with researching. The Internet is one of the easiest ways research destinations and it makes planning a breeze. Paying money over the Internet is the larger issue, although millions of people are doing it every day. Its main strength as a booking instrument is the ability to find unpublished accommodation at attractive prices. Buying from a Web site is not a guarantee however of the best price available. There are comparative deals with traditional channels too, including travel agents who can give you face-to-face advice and will be your advocate if something goes wrong. The middle ground is a Web site that offers the option of “live” personal assistance. If you do buy on-line, a general rule of thumb is to buy from a Canadian source, in Canadian dollars. If prices are quoted in a foreign currency, double check that your conversion mathematics is correct.
Cruising Comfort
Q: On cruise ships do we need to worry about a lot of second-hand smoke?
– Jane R., Barrie, Ont.
A: It depends on the cruise line and where you are sailing. Europe, Mediterranean and Asia Pacific cruises have more relaxed smoking rules, but if you choose any of the mainstream, American-based cruise lines, chances are you will not encounter second-hand smoke until evening in some of the clubs and bars. Restaurants are generally smoke-free but the casino is not. Cruise advocates will tell you that the ratio of non-smoking areas has been increasing with every new ship. If a non-smoking environment is a top priority however, choose one of the Caribbean cruises offered by the MS Paradise. It is the only totally non-smoking cruise ship in the world and this season passengers can book either an Eastern, or Western Caribbean itinerary. The luxury, US$300 million, 2,052-passenger MS Paradise delivers a commendable cruise experience and is one of the more recent additions to the Carnival Cruise Lines fleet.
– News Canada