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The New Disney Credit Card

What if you could turn your daily purchases into some hands-on Disney magic?
Well now you can! Bank One is now offering a new Visa Disney credit card that provides you and your family with Disney rewards each time you use the card. You could turn your credit card debt into a fun-filled vacation for you and your family. The credit card company, Bank One, has partnered with the Walt Disney Company to offer this family-fun card to everyone who qualifies. You will be asked to pass a standard credit check with a major credit bureau before qualifying for the Disney Visa card.

How does it work?

When you make a purchase with your Disney credit card at your local grocery store, mall, or online store, you automatically earn points, or Disney rewards. These reward points accumulate with each purchase. As you earn points, you can shop the Disney Store, Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line, the Disney catalog, or DisneyStore.com for merchandise like DVD or Disney toys, vacation packages to your favorite Disney theme park, and other featured rewards, including travel and special passes.


  • The Disney credit card is a great way to put your credit card debt to good use. The credit card company is essentially giving you back some of what you spend.
  • There are no blackout dates for vacation packages earned with your Disney reward dollars.
  • Platinum card benefits
  • No annual fee
  • Reasonable interest rate
  • No interest for six months on several travel packages
  • Opportunities to save on Disney merchandise and travel packages


  • As you accumulate Disney rewards, you also accumulate credit card debt. Unless you are skilled at managing your finances, this type of incentive program could cause you more trouble than it’s worth.
  • The more you buy, the more rewards you get. But don’t forget that the more you buy, the more interest you pay as well. The credit card company isn’t offering this deal out of charity for their customers. They want to make some money.

Special features

The Disney credit card has a unique card design that will delight families: Mickey Mouse on a sparkling red background. The card can be used as a family card by any member to help contribute to future vacation plans or holiday gift times. Consider giving the card to younger members of the family as a starter card that can be used for expenses away from home. The rewards can be enjoyed by the student or by the whole family.

The reward points are much more flexible that with other reward cards. You can use the points to gain entrance to a Disney theme park, access parking privileges, purchase merchandise online or at store locations or from the catalog. You can even use the points to purchase items inside the parks. With Disney Cruise Line, your options are limitless as you use your reward points to buy cruise tickets, entertainment, and the ultimate Disney experience.

To apply for a Disney Visa card, call 1-888-878-7222.

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