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Alcohol Policy on Royal Caribbean Cruises

One of the best things on board in any of the Royal Caribbean Cruise liners is the dining experience. Every port destination has a special cuisine prepared for the dining guests. It is a wonderful way to satisfy one’s hunger for exotic dishes around the world. In one cruise alone, guests will get to try different flavors representing various regional palates. A gastronomic experience is never complete without a dose of alcoholic beverages to toast with.

Consumption of alcohol while riding in any of the Royal Caribbean luxury ships is not prohibited. However, guests must follow the alcohol policy on Royal Caribbean Cruises. Generally, alcohol policy on Royal Caribbean Cruises prohibits kids or anybody below the age of 21 from taking alcoholic beverages. This policy has commenced last July 28, 2006.

However this alcohol policy of Royal Caribbean Cruises may change depending on the destination of the cruise. For example when the Royal Caribbean Cruises set to sail to Europe and South America, the countries in these two continents restrict the consumption of alcohol to adults above 18 years old. The accompanying parents or guardians of adults ages 18-20 need to sign a waiver before they can start enjoying a bottle or two of alcoholic drinks. Moreover, the concerned adults are required to sign a waiver in agreement not to give anyone below 21 years old any type of alcoholic drinks. To avoid penalties or sanctions, guests must follow this alcohol policy on Royal Caribbean cruises strictly.

Guests checking-in in any of the ships of the Royal Caribbean International must be aware that bringing of wines and spirits are not allowed. Although those that are bought on a side trip to one of the destinations will be held in custody by the ship’s concerned staff. The said items will only be given to the owners on their final day onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise. Royal Caribbean security personnel reserve the right to confiscate any wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages concealed by the guests in their luggage. Those who are found guilty of violating this alcohol policy, which is clearly stipulated in the Guests Vacation Policies, will be dealt with accordingly.

Guests are still required to exhibit proper demeanor even if they have been granted the privilege to consume alcoholic beverages. This is to ensure that other guests will not be disturbed and to avoid unnecessary circumstances.

The key to enjoyment with alcohol consumption while on a cruise is through moderation. You can drink if you must but, but never get drunk lest you will be thrown out of the ship. So tourists should take the alcohol policy on Royal Caribbean Cruises by heart.

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