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Celebrity Oops

Over the years, celebrities have entertained us with much more than just their singing an acting talents; from fashion foibles that have us incredulously exclaiming “what was [he/she] thinking wearing THAT?” to senseless ramblings that have left us rolling our eyes, celebs in the hot-spot have always been good for a mindless distraction.

Looking back through the Hollywood ages, there are so many celebrity “oops” we could point to.

There are is some of celebrities:

Alex Rodriguez, Andrew Lloyd Webber,
Angelica Panganiban, Angelina Jolly,
Anita Sorest, Bill O Reilly, Brad Pitt, Brendan Fraser, Bruce Springsteen, Cameron Diaz, Carson Palmer, Celine Dion, Cindy Carleton, Dan Brown, Dave Chappell, Dave Matthews,
David Beckham, David Letterman, Daniel Washington, Derek Jeter,
Diane Sawyer, Dick Wolf, Donald Trump, Elton John, Emery Lagans, George Lopez, George Lucas, Gisele Bunch, Hale Berry, Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Hugh Grant, James Patterson Jay Leno, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner and many others!

There’s Paris Hilton and her privileged bleach-blond antics, complete with missing panties and amateur home videos, all of them culminating, of course, in her trip to jail and out and back in again.

Of course there are the many breast “wardrobe malfunctions” spanning seemingly every performer from Angelina Joliet to Tea Leonie to the Mother of them all–Janet Jackson (but of course, what a disservice we’d do here to leave Miss Tara Reid off this list!). We could go on and on about the female anatomy and talk about girls like Lindsay Johan growing large before their time, but best to move on to the many other ways celebrities have entertained us with their lapses in judgment and consciousness.

The men are of course in no way untouchable.

There are the many love interests and rehabilitations of Sheen and company. (How many heavy Hollywood hitters were listed in Heidi Fleiss famed black book?) Yes, Hollywood is a haven for divorce lawyers and substance abuse programs.

The previously pristine Tom Cruise is always good for an oops whether Tom Katting around, or mixing it up with Brooke.

Dads like Jon Voight spill the beans about their daughters’ mood swings, and oh how we love to follow the aftermath.

Gary Coleman has been disorderly, while Kevin Federline celebrates his recent divorce. Brad Pitt has broken Commandments and left Jen reeling while he sets up his new house. And from Ben Affleck to Matthew Mc Conaughey, the guys have had their ‘coverage’ problems, too.

Much to our collective average pleasure, the cameras (and the internet) are never far away from the stars, and we catch every gaff, foible, oops, lapse in style, and misplaced word. It may not be much, but its the best reminder we have that after all, humans are humans, and celebrities are no exception to that rule.

As long as we have celebrities, we’ll have celebrity oops to entertain us after the glow of the limelight fades. It’s a security we can all hold firm to as we chuckle at the misfortunes of the most fortunate.

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