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Crystal Cruises

Established in 1988, Crystal Cruises presently operates two luxury vessels. Launched in 1995, Crystal Symphony can accommodate 940 guests while Crystal Serenity has a capacity of 1, 080 which was introduced in 2003. The first that the company ever had, Crystal Harmony, was out to the public since 1990 but on 2005, it retired. Wholly managed by the Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), the firm is known as the biggest shipping company in the whole world. With headquarters located at Tokyo in Japan, it runs about 800 craft liners where they now take offices all over the globe.

Boarding Crystal Cruises is actually synonymous to luxury. Their amenities and facilities are one of a kind that is why they annually receive the award for the “World’s Best Large Ship Cruise Line” which by that alone, gives them the edge over its other competitors. With a full 360 degree open air tank Promenade Deck, it has a private “walk on water” fitness program. To top off the vacation with a gastronomic treat, they have a restaurant that specializes in European cuisine. There are actually seven dining options that anyone can choose from, they can select classic main or late seating as well as open spaces in their other bistros. All of their staff in the kitchen is well- trained to cook dishes by Piero Selvaggio, Nobu Matsuhisa and Wolfgang Puck. They also have complimentary specialty tea and coffee drinks which go hand in hand with light snacks served all throughout the day. With a wine cellar that has more than 200 vintage of its kind, all of their visitors will definitely have a grand.

Crystal Cruises also have a Creative Learning Institute which offers piano lessons for free. There are also Berlitz language classes in every scheduled sail. There are also special certification enrichment with Smithsonian Associates, Pepperdine University Business Seminars, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Seminars, Sothbey’s and Society of Wine Educators albeit, it is only for selected trips. Now it is not a wonder why after a getaway on the oceans, they will come home with added knowledge. Even in the middle of the most remotest areas, you can still be able to have a 24- hour internet connection through their Computer University Sea Facility. You can still check the e-mails in your inbox or browse through your favorite websites plus instructions in the latest software.

What will never be missed out in every single stay with Crystal Cruises are their bathrobes from Frette and toiletries from Aveda. There are also Egyptian cotton linens as well as a menu of pillow options available in every single bed. All the meals will be served on elegant china wares from Villeroy and Boch. Wines are contained in fine crystal glasses from Riedel. For future reservations and detailed information, contact 1-866-446-6625 or visit them at www.crystalcruises.com.

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