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How to get the Best Rates on a Carnival Cruise

This is our latest installment on helping clients find the best rates on any Carnival cruise. As one of the industry’s leading online Cruise Specialists, we have put together some of easiest ways to ensure you will get the best rates on your next Carnival cruise!

First, pick a cruise specialist. Using a specialist will eliminate the uncertainty associated with using a travel agent in that a specialist knows the inner workings of the cruise line in regards to best travel dates, promotions, ship details, routes etc. When searching for a specialist, whenever possible, talk to them personally. Doing searches on the internet these days is leaving too much to chance. Everyone and their mother is selling cruises today and you want to make sure that the specialist you are buying from has actually been on a cruise! Makes sense, right? When choosing your specialist, find out if you will be taken care exclusively by the specialist through the entire booking process and not become just a number after you book. You are spending too much money to become a statistic! How do you know that you are receiving the best possible rate? Simple, call the cruise line directly and compare your rate. Make sure your rate includes all port charges and taxes. If you look close, 95% of so-called bargains on the internet are not bargains at all-you can get the same rate by dealing with the cruise line directly. Beware of outrageous internet claims-“75% off your cruise!”, “Buy one get one free!”, “Free Air”. You’ve heard it before, if it sounds too good to be true… There are literally thousands of garbage promotion hooks. That doesn’t mean there are not honest promotions out there. You can usually tell the difference by how they are presented. More to come!

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