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Panama Canal Cruises

In reliving the theatrical episode in history when two oceans were connected in an earth- moving attempt that completely changed the geography of the Americas forever, it is only through taking the Panama Canal cruises.

Time may never repeat itself once again but taking the Panama Canal cruises will surely give one a glimpse of what a challenging construction it was. It was where dams obstructed the rivers, valleys transforming into lakes and mountains into paradise. The continental division was lessened by a twisting channel of the Isthmus.

Panama Canal cruises will not only be a ride in anybody’s life but most importantly, it will bring to a poignant reminiscent of individuals that owe the credit for the completion of one of the world’s most challenging project considering the available resources that period. There will be instant discovery of how three humongous locks were raised using no other power than the force of gravity together with 53 million gallons of water.

Joining the Panama Canal cruises will allow a break to the San Blas Islands which was first settled by the Cuna Indians who were noted to be the pre- Columbian laborer of the finest multi- layered tapestries. There will also be the exploration of Costa Rica’s marine species located in the Golfo Dulce coast plus the sun- drenched haven of the Caribbean, the Mayan ruins of Guatemela, bay resorts of the Mexican Riviera and dazzling metropolis of the western U.S. will be visited.

Princess is among the water crafts that have been the common favorite of those who love to join voyages to the country just to see two great oceans, Atlantic and Pacific, kissing each other. They serve Italian cuisines as their guests will be entertained by the nightly Broadway- style entertainment. Others can also lazy around in the pool or relax in their comfortable staterooms. Their ships include the Caribbean Princess, Coral Princess, Dawn Princess, Diamond Princess, Golden Princess and Island Princess, to mention a few. Its room rates are from $652 to $3, 104 where you can contact 1-888-407-2784 for reservations.

Celebrity is among the water crafts that one can enjoy its own private veranda where it allows having that panoramic vista of an emerald isle in the sapphire sea. It has museum- quality works of art and hand- polished brass railings with piano music playing softly in the background. It has an award- winning dishes prepared by Chef Michel Roux coupled with gourmet valet for onshore bookings. Their amenities include aqua- spa with aromatheraphy, thalassotheraphy seawater baths and a lot more. Their ships include Century, Constellation, Galaxy, Infinity, Mercury, Millenium, Summit, Xpedtion and Zenith. Its room rates are $1, 229 to $3, 100 where you can contact 1-888-407-2784 for reservations

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